What is Waxing?

Waxing is a method of hair removal that pulls the hair from the roots, increasing the length of time that you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin. Aside from hair removal, waxing also offers additional advantages that you may not enjoy with other hair removal techniques, such as shaving.

Here at Kingston Laser & Aesthetics, we use waxing to remove unwanted hair on specific parts of the body and on the face. You can opt to focus on hair removal on just the legs or arms (half or full) or choose to go for the full-body waxing option. Likewise, you can choose waxing for the upper lip or eyebrows or proceed with the full face waxing option.

What can you expect from a waxing hair removal procedure?

  • If it is your first time going for a wax, it is best to let your hair grow out to a length of at least one-eighth of an inch. This is to ensure that the wax will successfully adhere to the hair.
  • Wax is applied to the skin and will stick to the hairs that need to be removed.
  • The wax is left to harden a bit so it can stick more firmly to the hairs.
  • A cloth strip may be pressed into the wax and then lifted to remove hair. Alternatively, the corner of the hardened wax can be lifted quickly to take with it the unwanted hair.

Waxing can keep your skin hair-free for as long as five to six weeks, depending on the person and the hair type.

What are the benefits of waxing for hair removal?

  • Gives you smooth, hair-free skin for a longer period of time
  • Acts as an exfoliant to remove dead skin
  • Less regrowth – hair does not grow back quickly
  • Stubble-free skin with finer regrowth
  • Minimizes ingrown hairs
  • Eliminates shaving rash and itching
  • Eliminates the risk of injuries from shaving


Full Leg£25
Half Legs Lower inc. Knee£15
Half Legs Upper inc. Knee£20
Bikini Line£12
High Bikini Line £18
Brazilian/Hollywood £25
Full Arm£20
Half Arm£15
Underarm £10
Full Body£95
Full Leg & Bikini Line£30
Full Leg & Brazilian £45
Full Arm & Underarm£25
Upper Lip/ Chin£5
Side Face£8
Forehead/ Cheeks£5
Full Face£22