Swedish Massage

What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is a type of massage treatment that is used to promote well-being and promote overall good health. It is characterized by the inclusion of basic massage techniques such as tapping, cupping, circular strokes (effleurage), kneading (petrissage), and vibration. Stronger strokes are used on body parts that have considerable muscle coverage, while softer strokes are used on more delicate parts or the areas that have more bone.

Here at Kingston Laser & Aesthetics, we use Swedish massage techniques to soothe your muscles, improve your circulation, and promote a relaxed feeling.

What can you expect from a Swedish massage treatment?

Our therapist uses oil to lubricate the skin before proceeding the techniques that are usually included in Swedish massage. The body parts that have more muscle coverage are treated with stronger strokes, while the bonier parts will be applied with softer, more delicate strokes. The pressure adjustment across various body parts promotes a soothing feeling that will make you more relaxed. The massage techniques warm up the muscles and break up muscle knots to ease tension.

After the massage, it is quite normal to feel exceptionally relaxed and drowsy as all the muscles have been stretched and soothed. The massage may also make you feel thirsty and you may feel an urge to go to the toilet more frequently. This is the result of your lymphatic system getting worked up to flush the toxins out of your body. It is best to increase your fluid intake – especially water – and to avoid alcohol, nicotine, and alcohol for 24 hours following the massage treatment. Strenuous activities should also be avoided the next day so your body can heal properly after the treatment.

What are the benefits of Swedish massage treatment?

  • Relieves pain (headaches, muscle pain, back pain)
  • Loosens tight muscles
  • Eases tension and stress
  • Improves the mood
  • Promotes good blood circulation
  • Can boost immunity

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage
Full Body 1 hr£50
Back, Neck & Shoulders 30 mins£28