Laser Hair Removal – Kingston


Candela is a trusted name in the skincare industry, manufacturing safe and revolutionary lasers that have been used by aestheticians and dermatologists from all over the world. It is used for wrinkle reduction, acne and acne scar treatment, treatment of skin ailments such as rosacea or psoriasis, lightening of pigmented areas and tattoos, and permanent hair removal.

How does laser therapy work?

Laser therapy involves the emission of specific light wavelengths to focused areas on the skin. It is extremely beneficial for dermatological applications because it can effectively destroy only the specified skin cells without negatively affecting or causing damage to the surrounding tissue. The targeted skin cells absorb the wavelength, heat up, and die without needing to go through an invasive procedure.

What areas can be treated with Candela laser hair removal?



The Candela GentleMAX Pro has the power to treat a wide range of areas, including larger ones such as the chest, back, and full legs. It can also be used for full body laser hair removal. On the other hand, the targeted treatment can be focused on smaller areas for fast and effective permanent hair reduction in the bikini line, upper lip, sideburns, and beard. It is also suitable for full facial hair removal.

The GentleMAX Pro system combines the hair removal function of the GentleLASE system with the GentleYAG system’s capacity to reduce wrinkles, facial veins and leg veins. The versatile system is the first of its kind to be built with both ND YAG and Alexandrite laser heads, enabling us to address multiple conditions as well as varying skin types – including Asian and darker skin tones


Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of Permanent Hair Removal, rather than reduction. It is the only method of treatment for blonde, red and grey hair and popular among both men and women.

With advanced technology, equipment and protocols, electrolysis is more gentle and effective now. It is best used for smaller areas of the face:

  • upper lips
  • chin
  • eyebrows
  • cheeks
  • nose

All skin and hair types can be a candidate for electrolysis, including ingrowing.

Why choose Laser Hair Removal (with Candela GentleMAX Pro)?

  • Permanent reduction of hair growth for men and women
  • Smoother skin
  • Longer lasting results compared to other hair removal methods, such as waxing or IPL
  • Ideal for ingrown hair concerns
  • Safe for sensitive areas, such as the bikini line
  • Safe for treating darker skin tones

Candela Laser Hair Treatments

Laser Hair RemovalSingleCourse of SixCourse of Eight
Upper Lip/Chin£50£220£280
Upper lip & Chin£75£300£380
Half Face£80£320£400
Full Face£100£480£570
Neck Front or Back£60£240£290
Hand & Fingers£55£230£285
Linea (Stomach Line)£50£220£280
Under Arms£55£230£285
Full Arm£120£550£650
Full Back£150£650£800
Bikini Line£55£230£285
Full Bikini£100£480£570
Half Leg£120£550£650
Full Leg£200£800£1000
Full Leg & Full Bikini£270£1150£1400
Full Leg & Underarm£235£900£1100
Full Arm & Underarm£150£650£800
Full Body – Head to Toe£600£2500£3000
Laser Hair Removal for MenSingleCourse of SixCourse of Eight
Cheek Bones£60£240£280
Below Beard£80£320£400
Back inc. Shoulders£235£900£1100
Back ex. Shoulders£200£800£1000
Chest & Abdomen£160£680£880