green peel

What is Green Peel?

Green Peel is a herbal peeling treatment that was first developed more than 60 years ago with the goal of addressing different skin problems and promoting clear skin. It used a mixture containing nine selected herbs that harness the power of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and enzymes as they are massaged into the skin. The original mixture was further enhanced, with the proprietary herbal peeling treatment now being exclusively offered only by certified doctors and aestheticians all over the world.

There are different Green Peel peeling treatments that use varying amounts of the exclusive mixture, ensuring that the specific treatment goals and desired results are achieved for individual skin conditions

Types of Green Peel Herbal Peeling Treatments

Classic – this treatment is done by thoroughly massaging the herbal peeling mixture into the skin, with the goal of stimulating skin renewal, enhancing blood circulation, and increasing the supply of nutrition and oxygen. These effects end in approximately two to five days, depending on the skin’s texture and peeling process. During this period, the skin will need to be treated by using special skincare products that are included in the home care kit. After five days, our therapist will conduct a finishing treatment to deeply nourish the prepared skin, making it exceptionally receptive to the treatment’s beneficial components. This option is suitable for a wide range of skin conditions, including sun-damaged skin, scarring, large pores, scars, some types of hyperpigmentation, skin sagging on the body, and stretch marks.

Energy – this treatment uses natural herbs for skin regeneration without the peeling effect. It delivers the natural energy that the skin needs for cell renewal while also stimulating good blood circulation, significantly improving the skin’s texture in the process. This treatment option is ideal for improving age-related skin imperfections as well as pigment concerns and scarring. The in-clinic treatments are ideally repeated several times a year for the most beneficial results.

Fresh Up – this option uses natural herbs to refresh and stimulate the skin for a youthful glow without the peeling effect. It stimulates healthy blood circulation and opens the pores, allowing the skin to absorb more of the ingredients and their beneficial properties. The result is skin that looks notably fresher and brighter. This treatment is an ideal solution for tired-looking skin and prevent aging-related skin concerns even when you have not yet experienced signs of skin ageing.

Green Peel is used to treat:

  • Fine lines
  • Acnes
  • Pigmentations
  • Scarring

Green Peel Treatments

Green Peel
Classic (60 mins) inc. home care kit
Course of 3£600
Energy + Q10 (60 mins) Inc. home care kit
Course of 3£400
Energy (45 – 60 mins) Inc. home care kit
Course of 3£300
Mela White (60 mins) Inc. home care kit
Course of 3£330
Fresh Up (45 mins)