• Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of Permanent Hair Removal, rather than reduction. It is the only method of treatment for blonde, red and grey hair and popular among both men and women.

With advanced technology, equipment and protocols, electrolysis is more gentle and effective now. It is best used for smaller areas of the face and body eg: upper lips, chin, eyebrows, underarms, bikini and for men the neck, cheeks, nose, ears, shoulders etc. All skin and hair types can be a candidate for electrolysis, including ingrowing.

Electrolysis hair removal does not target pigment as laser and IPL hair removal do, so it can be used for any colour of hair including blonde, red and grey. It is a precision method suitable for removal of small areas of hair growth on face and body. Electrolysis is also suitable for dark and tanned skins as well as fine and downy hairs which laser/IPL treatments may have left behind. There are 3 types of Electrolysis modalities (blend, short wave diathermy and galvanic) for which the suitable method will be decided for you at consultation with your medical aesthetician.
A small probe is inserted with precision into the hair follicle and a gentle electric heat travels down the probe to destroy the hair follicle and prevent future hair growth.
Only if it is performed by an un-experienced Electrologist and what you feel is a couple of seconds of heat.
After care advice and post treatment care will be discussed and you can continue with your day as there is very little downtime. The number of sessions needed to remove the hair is variable and can be discussed with your aesthetician before you begin treatment.
If there's anything you'd still like to know, we suggest coming to see us for a FREE, no obligation consultation. Nothing is better than having the information tailored specifically to your needs by an expert.

“The service I received was exceptional. I was listened to and advised accordingly. Over all I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. I now look forward to my next treatments."

Jade, London

I had never had Electrolysis before and was really nervous about having my bikini line done as my first experience. Jilla made me feel better instantly when I found out how experienced she was. Also, the fact that she is also an artist with a steady hand made me feel much more comfortable. All went very well with the treatment. She was fast and efficient and really knew what she was doing! Very minimal pain was experienced and absolutely no scarring or bruising! I wish I could have her here in NYC with me!"

Megan, New York
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Please note that prices are a guide only. 20% discount on 1 hour courses = £80

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